A high school senior boy sitting with his legs straight in front of him and leaning back on an old white fence. What to bring to my Senior Portraits?

What to Bring to My Senior Portraits | Dripping Springs, TX

Three separate images. On the left a Senior wearing a Texas State t-shirt leaning forward on with his elbows on his knees. Middle photo is a senior with cowboy hat holding his 2024 tassel with the focus on the tassel. The right side has a senior with boots, jeans, hat, and letter jacket with his foot on a large stone bench. What to bring to my Senior Portraits.

What to Bring to My Senior Portrait Photoshoot?

When you think about your High School Senior Portrait Session, some things will be obvious to bring. There are things that you really have to bring and then there are things that would make the session more enjoyable. What to bring to my Senior Portraits? Keep reading…

The Basics

  • Water – It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you need to bring a large water bottle to your shoot. Getting dehydrated at a photoshoot makes you miserable and no one wants that.
  • An Open Mind – This is so important! We can get so much more done if you come with an adventurous attitude and are at least willing to try some things “outside the box”.
  • Patience – Give both of us a little grace. It will likely take more than one take to get the shot. There are a lot of variables and I want them to all line up perfectly.
A high school senior boy sitting with his legs straight in front of him and leaning back on an old white fence. What to bring to my senior portraits?

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Two images of the same senior boy. Left side he's standing and wearing his letter jacket so it highlights the patches on his sleeve. The right image shows a senior wearing his cap and gown, tossing his cap at the camera. What to bring to my senior portraits?

…(continued) What to bring to my senior portraits?

The Details

  • Wardrobe – I recommend bringing 3-4 changes of clothes. Let’s match up each outfit with the locations we’re planning to shoot at. It’s always great to have choices in the moment.
  • Important Items – In order to tell your story, it’s crucial to bring things that speak to your High School Experience. In this instance, he earned his Letterman’s Jacket in Tennis so he brought his jacket to showcase that memory. Cap and Gown is also a given. We can work to get both the serious more formal portrait, but also playful ones that show your emotion and personality.
  • Mom and Dad – I love having Parents at our Photoshoots. I only ask that they don’t take photos over my shoulder, which I’ve never had an issue with. Mom and Dad can keep the truck running so you can cool off and change clothes. It’s also a great opportunity for me to get to know more about you so your session can be even more personalized. If you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to know?
Two side by side photos of the same senior boy. The one on the left is photo of him wearing his Letter Jacket and looking over his right shoulder. The photo on the right shows him lounging with his arms behind his head and leaning on an old white wooden fence, wearing a Texas State T-Shirt.  What to bring to my senior portraits?

What is the best time of year to schedule Senior Portraits?

Dripping Springs Senior Sessions can be booked any time of the year. However, I do recommend either Fall or Spring when the weather is a bit more mild and we can tolerate working indoors and out. I have kids in the district so every one of these moments gets me in all those feels. I might shed a tear or two at your session, but trust me, they are always happy tears. I want you to feel AMAZING in front of my camera!

Class of 2024 Senior wearing boots and jeans and his cap and gown. What to bring to my senior portraits?

Thank you to Gavin, and his family for trusting me to document this incredible time in your lives. I hope these are fun photos to look back on and be able to remember how you felt as you are about to embark on the next chapter. Congratulations!

If you are interested in having a Dripping Springs Senior Session, then please reach out HERE or email directly at Lydia@LydiaTeague.com


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