Prom dates standing on a set of stairs in a arrow pattern.

Prom Portraits | Dripping Springs, TX

How to Look your Best for Prom Portraits

  • Plan Ahead – Check with the photographer on what time you should be ready for Prom Portraits. This means making your hair and makeup appointments early enough in the day so you won’t be rushed through Portrait time.
  • Coordinate with your Date – This means that you should be in the same or similar color palette or in a neutral one. Neutrals are black, white, gray, cream, and navy blue. Generally the guy chooses a neutral color and adds the pop of color from his date’s dress. You’ll see examples of this below.
  • Location, location, location – Some of you might notice that I’ve used this location a couple times before. It’s a long wide sidewalk that’s lined with trees so they don’t have very much harsh light behind them. This location works great for Prom Portraits because it is really easy because there’s parking and restrooms nearby. The stairs in the background will be used later in this session.
High School Junior wearing a Midnight Blue Tuxedo with light blue bow tie and pocket square. He's wearing sunglasses and posing on a tree lined sidewalk. Prom Portraits

How to Light Prom Portraits?

I used a 42″ Octobox with a Flashpoint 600 Pro Strobe on a light stand that my husband moved around for me. For many of these photos the flash was stationary. I added in the strobe to get some clean light without any green tint on their skin. Plus it gave them a gorgeous glow that just added to the image.

High School Juniors dressed for prom in baby blue and midnight blue. Prom Portraits
Two Juniors dressed for prom in light gray and light sage green. Prom Portraits

Prom Portrait Posing

Posing is crucial. During our Prom Portraits I asked the couples questions to get to know them and their relationship to each other. It’s all about appropriateness. I gave them prompts to get them to move around because motion always looks like a natural pose in photos.

  • Walk towards the camera smiling at me and then each other
  • Stand facing me and grab his elbow.
  • Give her a twirl and look at the camera.
Two High school students dressed for Prom in a Cowboy Tuxedo and she's wearing a black and pink dress. Prom Portraits
2 High School Juniors dressed for Prom in Navy Blue, Black and Red.  Prom Portraits.

Group Prom Portraits

I do group photos last so everyone has time to get to the location and we don’t have to repeat the sequence. After this they left for dinner and off to the beautifully decorated ballroom for Prom.

The first thing I did was organize each couple on the same step opposite each other. I love taking candids of each side during this because they’re excited about EVERYTHING right now. Lots of giggles and of course the guys were complaining about the heat. So, I worked quickly to get them into the AC to cool off.

  • Check the guys’ front pockets for phones, wallets, and keys. These show through and look ridiculous in photos later. So use an inside jacket pocket or set them aside.
  • Girls pose – bend the leg that’s closest to the camera and put all your weight on the opposite leg. This creates a flattering shape.
  • Guys pose – Stand with your hands in your pockets and face the camera. Be strong, upright and manly.
High school students dressed for prom are standing on stairs getting ready for their portraits. Prom Portraits
  • After posing, allow the individual to find their own comfortable pose. This creates a more natural, less formal look
  • Lighting is once again playing a huge role in making sure that all of their faces are bright and visible.
Prom dates standing on a set of stairs in a arrow pattern. Prom Portraits

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A big “THANK YOU!” to this great group of teens for tolerating the heat and working with me for 20-30 minutes so that this incredible moment could be captured!

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