Shades of Pink Florals and Neutrals

Bridal Details | My Approach

Why are my Wedding Details an important part of the Wedding Day?

Wedding Details can be anything that you are wearing on your Wedding Day or small items that only pertain to the Wedding itself.  Here’s a short list of some of the most photographed Wedding Details.

Wedding Dress

Veil/Hair Piece

Rings (all three)


Bouquet & Boutonniere



Invitation Suite

Borrowed & Blue


Fun Socks (Groom)


The most forgotten item is usually the Invitation Suite.  I’ve shared some examples of what it looks like when I get to shoot the full Invitation with all the envelopes that you send your friends and family.  Most couples spend time choosing and perfecting this ‘to do’ and it should be represented.  After all, once the day has passed, photos are what’s left to remember the day by.  Once I style your Invitation with ring boxes or florals I then photograph each element.  This highlights each piece and also makes great supplemental photos in your Wedding Album.  Obviously, I wouldn’t have a whole page dedicated to your Invitation Suite in your Album.  But the next few images shows how differently a single set can be styled.  Later on I’ll show this with REAL WEDDINGS.


Red, White, and Blue Theme

Parchment and Lavender Theme

Parchment and Red Theme

Navy, Cream, and Gold Theme

Flatlays of Wedding Details

Real Wedding Day Details

As you are getting organized for your Wedding Day, I encourage my couples to gather all these special details into a set of boxes or bags.  I suggest this because when I arrive I will begin by documenting these pieces first.  Having them already organized in advance cuts down on the stress of trying to remember where all the pieces are on the day of.

Dark Pinks, Dark Purples, and Silver

Dark Pink Dark Purple Wedding Jewelry Jimmy Choo Heels

Yellow and Off White Theme

Yellow Bridal Bouquet lace wedding dress neutral colored heels

Blush Pink and Cream

blush pink bridal bouquet wooden card box

Shades of Purple and Rose Gold

Shade of Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

Slate Blue, Gold, and Light Purple

Slate Blue and Off White Wedding Details

White, Gold, and Glam

White Bridal Bouquet, Glamourous Heels, Mrs Hanger

Navy Blue, Burgandy, and Off White

Navy Blue Heels, White Bridal Bouquet, Burgandy Bridesmaids Dresses

Blush Pink and Light Blue

Baby Pink Florals and Light Blue Tie and Bridesmaids Dresses

Shades of Pink, Off White, and Tan

Shades of Pink Florals and Neutrals

Do you have a favorite color scheme?  Each Wedding is so unique based on the choices the couple makes along the way.  But as you can see, when the Wedding has similarly themed colors they will coordinate well side by side.  The photos above are grouped to illustrate the power of having a color theme.  This would be too much to put on one page in an album, but think about how these images mixed with Wedding Day moments would look all together.  It’s part of the story and I would love to have the time to document this for you.

What’s in my Styling Bag?

 Ring boxes in different colors

Styling boards in different colors

a few pieces of ribbon

a few pieces of sheer fabric

Sometimes I can use the carpet or flooring in an adjacent getting ready space as a backdrop for shooting details. But I always like to be prepared just in case that doesn’t work out.  I’m always expanding my styling objects, so I can eventually have a variety of ‘go to’ styling items.  It’s also a good idea to ask your florist to deliver your bouquets and boutonnieres prior to my arrival.  I often incorporate them at this point of the day.

What if I’m not Getting Ready in a pretty space? How will that affect how my detail shots turn out?

I have shot detail photos in a variety of spaces.  Sometimes the bridal party is getting ready in a beautiful hotel suite and sometimes it’s in a church classroom. Regardless of where you are getting ready, I look for a space that has soft window light or space out of the way.  This is another reason I bring styling boards with me.  That’s how I can control my environment, by having a backup plan.  Larger details, like the Wedding Dress or the Groom’s Jacket, can be a little tricker.  I look for a wooden door or doorway to hang these items on so it will be a clean background and the focus will be on the item and not where you were getting ready.

Are there any items I should purchase specifically for Details?

Yes!  The top item I recommend buying for this section of the day is a “pretty” hanger for your Wedding Dress and Bridesmaids dresses.  When I photograph these with the plastic hangers that they come with…it really doesn’t look nice.  I usually try to avoid close ups of the hanging item when it’s on an ugly hanger. By having cute hangers you will have better looking images and it can double as a Bridesmaid gift.  Etsy is a great place to get custom made hangers.

What if it’s a dark and rainy day? How will that affect my photos of details?

While, yes I do prefer to setup near a large window to shoot details, it’s not a deal breaker if the day is rainy.  I carry flashes with me that will add additional light if I need it.  A few of the examples above were shot with a flash and you would likely not ever notice.

 What are some unique details that I have photographed?

The Groom carried a childhood photo, in his jacket pocket, of he and his Grandparents who weren’t able to attend the Wedding. When I delivered the Gallery, the Groom was quite touched that the weathered photo was next to his fun socks and boutonniere.

The Bride added a single earring into her bouquet ribbon that was her Grandmother’s.  She had passed away years before, but she was remembered in this sweet gesture.



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