3 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding


Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be stressful.  But why do some Wedding Days feel less stressed than others.  Well it’s not based on your personality or even the weather forecast.  I’m going to tell you, as an insider, what you can do in advance to keep everyone’s stress levels down on your wedding day.


#1 Provide a Detailed Schedule

Sure great communication during your wedding planning phase is crucial to planning the day.  It’s equally as important on your Wedding Day.  Providing different groups of people with a schedule complete with locations will greatly reduce stress levels.

Tell your Bridesmaids where they need to be and when.  They should also know what they need to bring with them to the venue, particularly if it’s different from where they’re staying.  There’s no time to turn back around to pick up anything that’s been forgotten. Bridesmaids

Top things that Bridesmaids need:






Comfy shoes

Makeup (if not being done for them)

Cell phone

Wallet with cash, cards, and ID

Same thing goes for the Groomsmen.  Yes, it’s true that they don’t spend as much time getting ready, but they still need direction.  Make sure you make them a schedule of where, when, and what they should be wearing.  If your family members are a part of the wedding party and they have additional duties like making sure that your Dad makes it in time or is picking up Grandparents on the way to the venue, give them some extra time.  I’ve seen people just have different expectations about the day and misunderstandings on an already emotionally charged day…not a good idea.



Top things that Groomsmen need:





Cell Phone


Spare cash

and a great attitude!

What about parents? Should you give your collective parents and schedule and list of expectation?  Absolutely!  Never assume that they know where you want them to be and when.   Maybe you want your Mom to zip you up in your dress and just assume that she would be getting ready with you at the venue.  What a missed moment that would be!  Always be upfront with who you want to be with you when you’re getting ready.

Don’t forget about the Groom’s parents too.  Grooms don’t always think about how to include them in the wedding day.  The Mother of the Groom would love to be asked to pin her son’s boutonniere on when he’s getting ready.  Whether this her third wedding or the only one she’ll be a part of, she’ll definitely appreciate the foresight.

Top things that Parents need:

Clothing to change into

Dress Shoes



Spare Cash

Cell Phone

#2 Designate Problem Solvers

Without a doubt something will inevitably come up the day of the wedding.  Whether someone is running late or someone gets lost.  I would suggest designating one person from each side of the family to deal with those issues.  You as the Bride or Groom should not be dealing with that added stress.  Assign this role to someone who likely doesn’t already have a big role.  Maybe an Aunt or a Cousin.  Someone that you have also given a schedule or Timeline of the day so that they don’t need to come and find you to clarify anything.

It’s also a good idea to have this person’s contact information in advance to give to your vendors.  If the florist gets lost or for some reason has the wrong address.  Prepare them in advance with your designated problem solver’s phone number.  Another consideration is to hire a Wedding Planner if the Venue doesn’t provide one.  This level of headache should be someone else’s job on YOUR wedding day.

List of things to give Problem Solvers

Names and Contacts for Vendors

Pre-Ceremony Timeline

Tip Money for each Vendor

Contact for Venue

Important Family Phone Numbers

#3 Schedule for Family Formals

A service I provide for my couples is that I build their Family Formal groups and let them approve or toss the groupings they don’t want.   We have a conversation about how long to expect the number of shots to take and how they want to spend that time.  Once it’s decided WHO will be in the photos, it’s a good idea to tell those people so they can be prepared.  Another thing I would add here is to pad that time by 15-20 minutes.  It’s not a lie, it’s just being proactive!  You know your family best!  If Aunt So and So is notoriously late, then tell her it starts a lot earlier than it really does.  Never tell them when photos actually start.  Tell them when you want them to be there ready to go!

Simply by staying organized and informing all parties of what your expectations are for your Wedding Day, will prevent so many mishaps.  This will keep you in a great mood and allow you to be present and enjoy this wonderful experience.




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