Spring Wildflowers – Watercolor – Mini Session

Near our house this giant patch of wildflowers popped up! It was absolutely unreal. My kids were saying that it felt like being in Alice in Wonderland. The field went on and on and if you shrunk down in it you would disappear! My kids know that once I get inspired with a setup, it’s best for them to just follow along. They usually do really well, but my youngest is the most willing still.

What do I do with all the photos that I take of my kids every year? I take the best ones and I print them on Metal. I know, I know, but hear me out. I work so hard to get the sharpest images by learning and spending money on the right gear, so why wouldn’t I want to see all that detail? I’ve printed on canvases before and I just don’t find it to be as true to the photo as metal prints are. They turn out beautiful. I choose a white undercoat with a matte finish and there are several choices on hanging. Easy to clean by using a duster or a microfiber cloth. I also get them in 8×8 squares so that I can change them in and out of my Wall Gallery. I can’t wait to add these to the wall!

I had been planning a shoot like this for quite awhile. The newest lens that I purchased last year was the Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 VR and I knew that it would really make beautiful images. These are all straight from the camera with slight edits, all that beautiful bokeh in the background and foreground is due to the magic of this lens. I love how it looks like a watercolor painting.

I see uses for this lens in all kinds of Portraiture. Whether it’s a family shoot with several people or a senior shoot with just one subject, it will isolate and then give amazing bokeh. I would love to use it for a Bridal Party. I would line up all the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen next to the Bride and Groom and hike 50 yards or so and find an interesting foreground to “peek” into the scene.

I realize that since she’s my daughter that I’m partial to loving these images, but they really do epitomize her wild and sweet character. She had been sick and stayed home from school this day. A few days later the pediatrician called to let us know that she did test positive for Strep. So despite dealing with a terrible infection, without fever, she still looked this cute!

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