Senior 2018: Maddy | Senior Portraits

I met Maddy after her Mom scheduled her Senior Session with me in November. It’s nice to work with people who are enthusiastic about working with me and being photographed.  I know everyone has a tendency to feel a little uncomfortable about being in front of the camera, but this girl just nailed it.

We talked about what she was in to at school as well as her plans after graduation this spring.  My ‘voice-activated light stand’ AKA my 11 year old son was there and he was full of jokes.  Oh my goodness… BOYS!  He seriously was a ton of help carrying my things and moving my lights, since I injured my neck.  No surgery thankfully, but a little bit of a road back to recovery.

The request was to find Fall Color and I knew of a great place on the W & OD Trail where there would certainly be some.  After a really dry Fall here in Virginia, we lost a good bit of the leaves shortly after they turned or simply right away.  We had fun time turning some interesting locations into something fun and playful.  We lucked out in finding the LOVE sign and the purple added so much.  Besides the trail we found some cool old buildings with brightly colored doors and ivy, a chained link fence in a semi junkyard, and a picket fence all within the alleyways and side streets and a 10 minute walk.

The sun kept playing peek-a-boo with us as we walked around.  I was glad that I brought lights with me for at least half the time.  Then just as we shot the last frame it began to poor down rain.  We quickly said our goodbyes to get ourselves out of the rain.

Maddy, it was such a pleasure to meet you and your Mom!  I wish you an Amazing rest of your Senior year!  Seniors 2018! You have a bright future ahead of you!


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