Burke Lake Park Marina | Fairfax County, Virginia | Kat and Vinh’s Engagement

This sweet couple contacted me back in January about their upcoming wedding.  They were looking for a photographer so we did a FaceTime chat.  Y’all, I’m showing my age because it was my first video chat with a client.  We had done a video chat a few times with Grandparents and it usually doesn’t go well because of the delay and the connection.  So I was a little nervous about how it would go.  It went great!  We chatted about what they were looking for and whether we’d be a good fit.  I got to meet Chewie, their little dog for the first time and learned he would be at their engagement session and the wedding!  I can’t wait!

Go see their Fall Wedding at The Piedmont Club in Haymarket, Virginia.

As we talked they shared how they got engaged.  They took a trip to Spain and he proposed at sunset on a rowboat.  She was so surprised.  Vinh said that he knew he wanted to propose during their trip but was just waiting for the right time!  Seems like it worked out!  But sadly they didn’t have any photos and they really wanted to recreate the look.  So we worked together to find a lake that would have rowboats and be open at sunset.  Burke Lake Marina sounded like the perfect place.  So in April we made it happen.

Neither of us had seen the location before so I got there early to scope out some great spots.  It had been threatening rain for a little bit and I was really hoping to get a great sky.  Just before Kat and Vinh arrived, I started getting a migraine.  I’m thinking, “Oh no! I can’t see!”  I took my meds and waited for them to kick in.  I won’t lie, I shot this whole session not being able to see out of my right eye.  Thank goodness for muscle memory in my fingers and incredibly understanding clients.

Chewie stole the show several times.  He thought it was all about him! I can’t wait to see how he does with a little bow tie at the wedding.  Such a sweetheart and very obedient!  I’m so glad that they wanted to include him in the Engagement Session.   After all, he’s family.

We discovered several spots that were unique to Burke Lake Park.  I had hoped to have more leaves on the trees this late into Spring, but Winter just hung on too long.  We grabbed some beautiful light streaming through the trees when it was available and we had overcast skies the rest of the time. So happy we didn’t have rain to contend with.

About halfway through the session the clouds parted and revealed a gorgeous blue sky, just as Vinh rowed out into the water.  He proposed to Kat all over again and this time it was documented.  YAY!  I shot my first proposal!  The crew at Burke Lake Park Marina noticed what was happening and asked if it was really happening! They were super helpful and very happy for Kat and Vinh.


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