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Congratulations to Holly and Jeremy!  They’ve spent the last year planning their Washington DC Wedding while living abroad in Abu Dhabi.  But, with how connected the world is today, it was totally possible!

I met Holly and Jeremy a little over a year ago for a coffee date.  They were so sweet and understanding about me bringing my then 4 year old daughter with me.  She kept herself busy with a bowl of ice cream while the rest of us had some coffee.  We got to know each other a little bit better and decided to do an engagement shoot in DC. See that post HERE.

Their Engagement Session was in their old neighborhood where they originally met.

Below are more details about their story.

(1) How long were y’all together before he proposed? We officially started dating in spring 2013 and Jeremy proposed in February 2018, so nearly 5 years, but it flew by! About half of that time we were long distance, with Jeremy in Atlanta working on his PhD, and me in DC but traveling frequently to Atlanta for work. 

(2) How did he propose? Were you expecting it? Did anyone else know he was going to do it? Jeremy proposed while we were on vacation in Grenada (the island in the Caribbean, not the town in Spain!) I was curious about whether he might propose on the trip and secretly hoping for it, but he hadn’t done anything to suggest that he might be hiding a ring, so I was trying not to get my hopes up! We made it to the second to last evening of our trip, which happened to be Valentine’s Day, and by that point I was sure it wasn’t happening – a proposal on V Day would not be his style, or my style! We were waiting to be seated at dinner that night and playing a game of backgammon, which is a game that we both came to love separately from our own experiences in the Middle East and then together as a couple. When he was moving the pieces after one of his rolls, he put a ring down on the board! I was surprised and happy and overwhelmed all at the same time. We celebrated with lots of champagne at the hotel bar that a very sweet couple that we had met at the resort bought for us. (Jeremy will be quick to note that a Valentine’s Day proposal was not his original plan! We ended up going out with another couple that we met on the island the night before, when he was planning to propose, so he had to improvise!) 

(3) Why did you decide to move overseas? Around the time we were engaged, I also received a job offer for an opportunity in Abu Dhabi. I had been looking at jobs in the region and it was something that was so interesting and different, I couldn’t pass it up! Jeremy speaks Arabic and works in academia, and there are some great universities in Abu Dhabi, so it was a good move for him, too. It was hard to leave our friends and family, but we are thinking of it as a temporary adventure that we are very lucky to be taking together. 

(4) What is significant about the venue you chose? Knowing that we would have been away from DC, the city where we met and fell in love, for more than a year before our wedding, we wanted to pick a venue that would help us celebrate the city. We loved the Potomac View Terrace for its beautiful views of DC from the rooftop for our reception and for the option to have a ceremony right on Constitution Ave. Todd, our venue manager, warned that we might get some shout outs from people driving along Constitution, but that actually made it all the more perfect for us as a city venue. 
(5) Any tips on dealing with jetlag? Set your clock to local time and don’t even think about the time difference! Its all about getting on a sleep and eating schedule and not allowing yourself to think about the time difference. Also take some vitamins and try not to rely too much on caffeine. 
(6) Are you planning on moving back to the US? Yes! Just not sure when 🙂 
(7) What is your favorite place you have visited while overseas? This is a really tough one. Since we moved to Abu Dhabi, our favorite place that we’ve been together is Georgia (the country!) We visited last August and were so impressed – the food is incredible and unique, the wine is fantastic (organic and hangover-free!), and the country has so much to offer, from mountains to beaches to the European inspired but uniquely Georgian city of Tbilisi. Georgia is a haul from the US, but we would highly recommend to anyone who is in the region. A little more accessible to the US – we loved traveling in Morocco and Grenada is our favorite place for a beach vacation. 

Below is the list of vendors and the venue where Holly and Jeremy’s Wedding took place.

Day-of-Coordinator:  Pomp and Circumstance Events, LLC – Erika Morant eventswithpomp@gmail.com

Venue: American Pharmacists Association/Potomac View Terrace – Manager Todd McDonald TMcDonald@aphanet.org

Caterer: Design Cuisine – Dede Byrnes dbyrnes@designcuisine.com

Photographer: Lydia Teague Photography Lydia@LydiaTeague.com

Ceremony Musicians: Cedarwood Consort – Ellen Farrell

Lighting: Atmosphere Lighting – Karen Scudder – karen@atmospherelighting.com

Florist: Toulies en Fleur – Jill Medwar – jmedawar@toulies.com

Flooring/Drape Rental: Fabrications –  Kathleen Doyle – kathleen@fabricationsevents.com

DJ: DJ Jazmine Dukes- Jazmine Dukes – districtdukes@gmail.com


It was an absolute pleasure working with Holly and Jeremy!  There were so many moving parts and they really hired all the right people to make this day happen for them.  They just beamed with joy and happiness throughout the day.  And I just loved being a part of it!

If you are interested in having me photograph your wedding, then please reach out Lydia@LydiaTeague.com


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