Blandy Experimental Farm Spring Engagement

Meet Linnea and Matt and their sweet pup, Bailey.  These are their first family portraits and they happen to be their Engagement Pics too!  Here’s a little bit about their story.

1) Where did you meet?

We met Freshman year of high school but didn’t start officially dating until the end of senior year when he was actually living in Chicago.

(2) Who made the first move?

Matt made the first move Freshman year of high school.  When he asked me out and I was too immature and nervous so I (eventually) said no. We remained friends throughout high school and began “talking” as more than friends after a New Years party our senior year. This transition seemed very natural so it’s hard to say who actually made the first move.

(3) How long did you date before getting engaged?

We dated for about 8 years before we got engaged. We wanted to finish all of our schooling before taking the next step so Matt proposed right after I graduated from PT school.

(4) What’s your Proposal Story?

Matt had “given” me a trip to Europe for my Christmas/birthday/graduation gift so we had been waiting for this trip all year. We arrived in Dublin in the morning, went to the Guinness Factory (unbeknownst to me, Matt was trying to gather some “liquid courage”) and then he told me we were going to a nice dinner at a restaurant that he had heard was incredible. Before dinner we walked around a big park called St Stephen’s Green. (Matt actually had studied this park on Google Maps to figure out the perfect spot to propose, however it ended up being too crowded)  We found this perfect nook that overlooked a pond and bridge. We were just reminiscing and talking about life until Matt got down on one knee and proposed! We were so excited and tried telling a couple who took our picture as well as the host at the restaurant, however it seemed like no one understood us or cared that we just got engaged. At dinner, though, a group of about 8 women were sitting at the table next to us and overheard Matt and I talking about it, and they ended up celebrating with us!

(5) Did anyone else know before you? (that he was going to propose?)

Matt told most of his friends, his parents, and my parents, but he didn’t tell any of my friends (probably because they wouldn’t have been able to keep the secret)

(6) Matt when did you know Linnea was ‘The One’? and Linnea, when did you know Matt was ‘The One’?

We are actually waiting to tell each other these stories on our wedding day! (STAY TUNED)

(7) Anything else you want to include?

Less than a week after we got back from Europe we adopted our dog, Bailey, and a few months later we bought our first house. We love our little family and are so excited to see what life has in store for us!



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