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Congratulations to Megan and Luis!  In case you missed their lovely Engagement Session taken at the Virginia Arboretum, you can find it here!

These two met on the popular dating app, Bumble.  Megan said that Luis was very persistent!  At first he thought she was playing hard to get, but in reality she was really busy traveling back and forth to New York.  She was busy graduating from PA school and taking her national qualifying exam and taking her boards.  But, Luis “stuck around and stayed interested.” They met for the first time the day she moved back to Virginia.

They dated for 2 years before getting engaged.  Luis proposed while they were on a cruise together. He waited until the formal night and proposed during sunset.  He even arranged for a photographer to be there to capture the whole thing!  Megan found out later that he had asked for her parents blessing 6 months prior.  He was just waiting for the right time and place!

Megan says, “The diamond in my wedding ring has been in our family for years; he added it to a ring setting I had always liked so it has sentimental value and a classic design!”

This wedding was held on a beautiful day in October near the city of Winchester, VA.  I met Megan and her family as they were getting ready in a nearby hotel.  Such a tight-knit family.  It was clear they were supportive of each other and were thrilled that the Wedding Day was finally here.  We took a few getting ready photos and then left for the Unitarian Universalist Church a few minutes away.  Megan used the library inside the church to get ready in and I was so thankful for the wall of windows.  The sunlight just drenched the room in the prettiest light.  I admit I was a little teary eyed watching her parents and sister interact with her.  They were seeing her become the accomplished woman that she knew she was.  Megan is a force to be reckoned with.  Determined to get what she wants, but in the sweetest way possible.  I’m sure that’s what got her through PA school, which is very rigorous.

Luis met his family in the foyer of the church.  He pinned boutonnieres on his sister, mother, and father and then began greeting all the friends and family as they arrived.  In between guests arriving, I made some time to take some Groom Portraits in front of the church. He was absolutely beaming from within.  And when he saw Megan walking down the aisle with her parents, he was overcome with emotion.  Lots of tears were flowing from the family members and bridal party.

Luis’ family came in from as far as Peru. So many of them didn’t speak English fluently.  I appreciated Luis translating my posing tips to his family during Family Formals.  We all laughed because I’m sure not everything translates.  So I used my own body to show them what I meant.  It’s really true what they say, if you don’t use it you lose it with regards to speaking a foreign language.  I took 4 years in high school, but haven’t used it in years.  I’m sure they got a good laugh, but they still looked amazing.

The Reception was at Millwood Station Banquet Hall in Winchester.  They had strings of twinkle lights draped over the dance floor and it really made some of the dancing shots feel lovely.  I’ve never seen so many people stay on the dance floor all night!  The DJ, Kurt Schneid, did a great job of keeping Latin music playing all night and everyone could dance.  Watching Megan’s family from New York dance right along with Luis’ family from Peru, it was something special.  Two different cultures were uniting in support of this sweet couple.  Megan had been studying and practicing her Spanish so that when she and Luis did the welcome, she translated everything into Spanish while he spoke in English.  It was a proud moment.

Congratulations to Megan and Luis!  Your wedding day was beautiful and I wish you both all the best!  It was an absolute pleasure photographing your Wedding Day.  Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.


Stephens City Virginia Wedding at Millwood Banquet Hall


Grand Event Rental

DJ – Kurt Schneid

Caterer: Classic Catering

Photographer: Lydia Teague Photography – @lydia_teague Email:

Reception: Millwood Banquet Hall – @millwoodstationbanquethall


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