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Engagement Sessions | FAQ

What to consider when scheduling your engagement session?

Are you recently engaged?  Congratulations!  You’ve, no doubt, been celebrating with family and friends and discussing all the excitement that getting married will bring.  What should you do next?  Have you first professional portraits taken, of course!  Let’s talk about some things to think about.

How long is your Engagement? Do you have enough time?

If your timeframe between getting engaged and getting married is short, you’ll need to schedule your Engagement Session quickly.  This will give you plenty of time to order any products that are time sensitive.  Save the Date cards and framed portraits that will be displayed at your reception take time to produce.  Longer engagements mean you’ll have a bit more time to make decisions and enjoy the planning process.

Couple kissing while on a bike ride and a beautiful engagement ring

What season or time of year do you want to have your session in?

There are many ways to determine which season will be perfect for you to have your engagement session in.  Let’s ask the following questions:

  1. What time of year did you meet?
  2. Do you love/hate being hot/cold?
  3. Do you prefer to wear lots of layers or feel more comfortable in simple light clothing?
  4. What colors compliment your style best?

Where should we have our Engagement Session?






Determining where to have your engagement session can be fun to think about. Consider the following.

  1. Is there a location that is important to your story?
  2. Is it legal to photograph there?
  3. Does it require a fee or permit?
  4. Are you more of an urban couple or do you want to be photographed including nature?


Why do I encourage my couples to have an Engagement Session?

I love to meet and work with my engaged couples ahead of their weddings for several reasons.  The first reason is to get to know the couples and what they like and dislike about being photographed.  Some people absolutely hate being photographed and it’s usually based on a bad experience.  It’s important for me to know this so I can make you feel as comfortable as possible.  The second reason is to teach the couple some basic poses so that they will know what to expect on their wedding day.  Engagement Sessions are much less stressful and we will have the ability to fine tune so that you will feel confident at a later date.

What happens when my images are ready?

After I have edited your Engagement Session and worked my magic, you’ll receive an email with the link to your Online Viewing Gallery.  At this time you can choose your favorites, share your gallery with friends and family, and even order Prints and Canvases. Your Family can make orders as well and they will be shipped directly to them.

What products are available for me to order?

While you can order Prints and Canvases directly, there are other items that you can order with my assistance.  I offer a variety of Save the Date and Thank you card designs that can be customized with your message, colors, and photos.  They are still professionally made through the same lab which means they are heirloom quality.


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