Arlington Virginia | Park Engagement

Congratulations to Liz and Jacob on their Engagement!

This couple is incredible!  They are both triathletes and compete in all kinds of events!  So naturally they wanted to include their hobby into their Engagement Session.  They live in Arlington and have some great Park Trails through Tuckahoe Park nearby.  As we walked towards the park, we chatted and I learned that Liz is a Meteorologist!  Which I think is so cool because I spend a lot of time trying to predict the weather myself.  Whether it’s going to rain or be overcast for an Engagement Session or Wedding Day.  I use an App, but for her wedding, I bet she’ll have an opinion.  Once we get close enough, I’ll be reaching out to her and asking what the forecast will be.

Jacob works in cyber-security and played tennis in high school, but shoulder injuries have prevented him from continuing to enjoy it.  But that doesn’t keep him from keeping up with Liz.  As much as I want to be a runner…it’s just not my gift, but I applaud those that can do it!

We moved through a few areas and got a variety of poses.  But none of them lit Liz’s eyes up as when I asked Jacob to whisper into her ear ‘what he thought when he first saw her’.  Whatever he said, made her melt and relax.

Thank you for trusting me to document your sweet milestone!  I can’t wait for your spring-time Wedding Day! (and the forecast)



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