Surviving Rain on Your Big Day: Vineyard Wedding Venues in Fredericksburg

Surviving Rain on your Big Day. A vineyard wedding venue can provide a magical and picturesque setting for your special day, but it’s crucial to have a plan in case of inclement weather. By taking the necessary steps to prepare for rain, such as having a backup indoor location or renting a tent, you can ensure that you and your guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience regardless of the weather. With a little bit of preparation, you can successfully survive a rainy vineyard wedding and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Vineyard Weddings are MAGICAL! Especially Late Spring to Mid-Fall. The grapevines are full and create amazing lines behind your portraits. This corridor of Highway 290 near Fredericksburg is packed with amazing Vineyard Wedding Venues. Here is just a short list for you to check out!:

If you head west on highway 290, out of Austin towards Fredericksburg, you’ll stumble upon this great farm, Wildseed Farms. It has fields and fields of Bluebonnets and Poppies. The day I went to this styled shoot it was raining and I don’t mean normal rain. It was like being inside a cloud. Moisture was attacking you from every direction. I kept checking my lens to make sure I didn’t have little smears, but incredibly I didn’t have a problem. Except my shoes were soaked through to my socks. I definitely thought those boots were waterproof.

Our models did an amazing job of being in love while dealing with all this rain, wind, and slightly chilly conditions. But just as if it was a real wedding, the show must go on. SO, hopefully you’ll be able to see all the “what if’s” as it relates to having a rainy wedding day. As an Austin Wedding Photographer, I know we can have wild swings in our weather patterns. It’s important to be prepared for all possible weather.

Here’s another Wedding that might give you some inspiration! This one was a Rainy Vineyard Wedding in the Fall.

Wedding Couple in the Bluebonnets
Wildflower Bouquet

Things to just accept if your having a Rainy Wedding Day.

Your Dress is going to get Wet and Dirty – But didn’t you buy it just to wear this one day? So, go out in the rain and get those gorgeous shots!

Your Feet are going to get Wet – pack a spare set of shoes or just change out of your heels for you outdoor portraits.

Weather is unpredictable: While you can do your best to plan for the weather, it is impossible to control. Accept that rain is always a possibility, even in a usually sunny location like Fredericksburg, Texas.

A backup plan is essential: Make sure you have a backup plan in case it rains. This could mean renting a tent, having an indoor venue option, or arranging for umbrellas for your guests.

It may impact the schedule: Rain can impact the timing of your wedding day, especially if you were planning an outdoor ceremony or reception. Be prepared to adjust the schedule as needed, and consider adding extra time to allow for potential delays.

It can create unique photo opportunities: Rain can actually create some unique and beautiful photos. Embrace the weather and let’s get creative and capture some stunning shots.

Your attitude sets the tone: Ultimately, your attitude towards the rain will set the tone for the day. If you remain positive and embrace the day as it is, your guests will follow suit and you can still have a wonderful and memorable wedding day, rain or shine.

Here are some alternatives to actually standing in the rain for your portraits.

Look for covered outdoor areas: Many venues have covered outdoor areas like porches, patios, or gazebos that can provide some protection from the rain while still allowing for natural light and an outdoor feel.

Utilize indoor spaces: If your venue has an indoor space with large windows or interesting architecture, this can make for a great backdrop for your portraits. Consider asking your photographer to scout out indoor locations ahead of time.

Use props: If you have a vintage umbrella, rain boots, or a clear umbrella, these can make for fun and unique props for your wedding portraits.

Embrace the rain: If you don’t mind getting a little wet, consider embracing the rain and having your photographer capture some fun and playful moments in the rain. These can make for some of the most memorable photos of the day.

Schedule a post-wedding portrait session: If the weather is really bad on your wedding day, you can always schedule a post-wedding portrait session with your photographer on a drier day. This will give you more time to focus on getting great photos without the stress of the wedding day timeline.

Vineyard Weddings in the Texas Hill Country can be beautiful whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a drizzly wet day.

Thank you to all Contributors

Retreat: @deepintheheart.retreat

Hosted + curated by: @alisonfaithphotography

Location: @wildseedfarms

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Hair: @camryn_doeshair @monroe_andco @monroeandcobridal

Makeup: @cheycosmetics

Dress: @dressmebridal

Stationery: @daisyprintcompany 

I hope you were inspired to just embrace your Rainy Day Wedding and see how beautiful it can turn out. I would love to chat with you about your Hill Country Wedding Plans and come up with all the contingency plans for a Rainy Day Wedding so we can work together to make your Experience one that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Reach out to me HERE!


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