sunset over the Potomac River and Arlington, VA and Georgetown DC in the Winter time

Winter Sunset Engagement

Congratulations to Mary and Duncan on their Engagement!  We had so much fun walking through Georgetown in Washington DC.  The longer we walked the better the scenery got!  They got used to hearing me flip out!  But I mean, “Come on!”

Even the drivers in the streets cooperated with us.  The first image I shot across a 2 lane bridge at a stop light. Not only did these two nail their poses, the cars literally stopped short so that I could get this wide angle shot!  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!  Everything lined up perfectly and I knew that I got a special shot for them!

Duncan had a section of Georgetown that he specifically wanted shots at so we kept walking towards his location.  But along the way we found so many other great spots!  I’m actually a bit surprised that we made it back to the riverside in time for the sunset.  But we did!  And WOW!  The weather had been rainy for days leading up to our shoot day, and it rained for a couple days following it.  So it was as if the weather knew what our time table was and just cooperated.  The sky was full of color and seeing it reflect off the Potomac river as it sank behind the skyscrapers in Arlington.  I will say that I did get a bit giddy when I realized that the Watergate Hotel and The Kennedy Center was behind them.  Historically speaking, this was likely one of the best locations.

Thank you to Mary and Duncan for choosing me to photograph their Engagement Session!  I can’t wait to see you both say “I Do!” this spring!

If you are interested in having me document your Engagement Session or Wedding, please reach out.


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