Family of 4. Parents and 2 Teen boys

Family Photographer in Dripping Springs/Austin | Esmay Family

I know I talk alot about Weddings, here in the Wedding Capital of Texas, but I’m also a Family Photographer in Drippings Springs/Austin area. I recently had the opportunity to document this family as they raise these great teenage boys!

Ryan and Paula are about to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. These High School Sweethearts are raising two boys, Conner (17), and Logan (13). Teenage boys are almost as hard to photograph as toddlers. You never know how they feel about being photographed. Either they are all about it or it takes time to pull out those genuine smiles. Either way, I’m up for the challenge.

Family of 4.  Parents and 2 Teen boys

The kids groaned when Paula told them they were getting their photos taken, but when I asked how the ride home was she said, “Every one was amazed at how easy it was. We were silly and ridiculous and the hour flew by effortlessly.” That’s the best feedback for me since I’m the “entertainment”. My approach to photography isn’t stuffy. I make silly jokes, usually Dad jokes that I tell completely wrong. I fall into puns without trying and then laugh at myself afterwards. I guess that’s why I love being a Family Photographer in the Dripping Springs/Austin area.

Black and White photo of a family of 4.  Parents and 2 teen boys are walking on a trail playing a silly game.

“I’ve seen your work in Hill Country Neighbors and watched you work with the families at the Easter tea event and liked your silly and “human” approach. I knew you were a good fit.”

Paula Esmay

Fun Fact! I currently shoot the cover images for the Hill Country Neighbors Magazine that is distributed in the Highpointe, Belterra, Sawyer Ranch Area. In case you didn’t know, I’m also a Family Photographer in the Dripping Springs/Austin Area.

Since it had been 10 years since their previous Family Portrait, Paula really wanted this for Mother’s Day. There’s always an excuse for not hiring a pro. It’s a lot of work to get ready for a shoot, unless you’re working with me and I help you along the way. We consult about wardrobe and I give you ideas on colors and patterns and footwear based on the locations we’re going to shoot in. It doesn’t make sense to wear heels on a walking trail, but boots do.

Individual Portraits with each teen boy and their parent. Casually interacting and smiling

The Esmay Family have lived in the Dripping Springs/Austin area for about 3 years, but they’ve loved Austin for years. They have family nearby in Round Rock and San Marcos, but it took them 20 years to finally make the move here. Now that they’re here they love the “Dripping Vibe” and are big supporters of the Community Library, sports, and schools.

The same photo in both black and white and color of a family of 4.  The Parents and their 2 teen boys.

They are also Small Business Owners. The name of their business is YouRestored and it opened in June of last year (2023). They are located across 290 from the Nutty Brown HEB in a shared space with Salon Two Wild Sisters.

Family of 4 walking hand in hand down a path through the woods.

Paula says, “Our approach is that we are us. We laugh and become friends with our clients. We celebrate their successes and work to bring them a natural result that is in line with their goals and budget. We all meet and get to know all our clients and hope that our clients feel safe and confident in their care.”

Image on the left is a photo of the 2  teen boys in the foreground with their arms crossed while the parents are embracing each other and kissing in the background.  On the right is an image of the same family having a tickle fight and laughing. Family Photographer in Dripping Springs/Austin
A Family of 4 sitting in the bluebonnets and smiling.

If you are interested in having a Family Portrait Session, then please visit my website here. Or you can view some of my Portfolio Work here.


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