Proposal in DC at District Winery and Marina

Proposal at DC Marina

Josh messaged me sometime in July-Early August and told me he was about to propose to his girlfriend, Bethy.  I met Josh last year when his brother Matt and (now sister-in-law) Linnea got married.  Here’s a link to their August Wedding.  Josh and I emailed back and forth for weeks as he was developing his plan.  We would come up with an idea only to have it dashed by something unexpected.  Trying to propose during a Pandemic is not easy at all.  So after coming up with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E…I think Plan F is what ended up happening. And guess what?  It was PERFECT!

Bethy’s Mom came into town from New Jersey and Josh’s parents were there.  They planned to all have dinner together at District Winery and then stroll along the Anacostia River around sunset.  During dinner I arrived at the boardwalk and texted Josh that I was in place and ready.  He kept me updated on how dinner was going.  Once they walked out of the restaurant, Josh walked Bethy over to this seat as they waited for their parents to join them.   He made eye contact with me and I tried to appear as if I was just watching the sunset (with my big camera and bag on my shoulder). Sunset actually crept up on us so it was just a couple minutes before the sun actually set when he popped the question.  Soon after the parents arrived, Josh got down on one knee and the rest is history.

Congratulations to Josh and Bethy!

DC Proposal District Winery and Marina

Thank you for choosing me to document your Surprise Proposal!  I enjoyed seeing y’all again and I can’t wait to see the two of you tie the knot!

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