I met Matt and Rachel last summer when they interviewed me to shoot their wedding.  We shared a meal at one of their favorite restaurants in Tyson’s called Kizuna, which was yummy.  I revealed that I was a Cowboy’s fan and prepared to face the consequences, Matt’s a fan too, so I breathed a sigh […]

Since moving to Purcellville last summer I had been looking forward to meeting some Seniors from Loudoun Valley since our neighborhood backs up to the school.  Often we can hear the announcer or the band during half-time in the Fall.  So I was thrilled when Aaron’s Mom contacted me and wanted to incorporate the school […]

This October wedding was full of charm and hidden meanings here and there.  If you weren’t paying attention or didn’t ask, you might have missed it.  The Groom created his pocket square with a sweet little note. TRAVEL is like love a remarkable ADVENTURE. The FURTHER you go the more you find your TRUE SELF— […]

Growing families are so special to photograph.  It’s special to welcome a new baby into the world, but at the same time appreciating the time before everything changes.  That’s exactly where this sweet ‘V’ family is!  Their little girl is so full of energy as she ran down the path begging to be chased.  I […]

This is Sammie.  He eats, breathes, sleeps baseball.  This guy plays First Base for the Loudoun Valley Vikings and will be playing for Hood College in the Fall. At the beginning of our session, I was a little disappointed that we were unable to use the High School field.  But my preconceived notions were quickly […]